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Our company has rich experience in the thermal insulation industry. Our main products include phenolic resin,phenolic foam blocks, panels and composite ducts. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop new products to meet different requirements.

Phenolic foam Description

Phenolic Foam is a rigid CFC and HCFC Free cellular foam insulation material with a substantially closed cell structure, whose polymer structure is made primarily from the poly-condensation of phenol, its homologues and/or derivatives with aldehydes and ketones.

Phenolic foam Application

Phenolic Foam are using for the application of Chilled Water Pipe and Duct Insulations, Roof and Wall Insulation Wide Service Range for diverse insulation applications.

Phenolic foam products applications

It is widely used for thermal insulation, cold preservation and sound absorption in building, petrochemistry , electric power, metallurgy industry, etc. Insulation for civil and industrial heat supply,thermal insulation and ventilation for air condition pipe and refrigerated storage,and heat or cold preservation for air condition room. It can also be applied to insulation for pipe and equipment of vessel and offshore oil platform.